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Living vs. Being Alive

Feb 09, 11 Living vs. Being Alive

We wake up each morning, and we get to make a choice:

(1) We can decide to be alive another day, or

(2) We can decide to live another day.

Being alive another day is the easier choice of the two.  We can do that with virtually no effort whatsoever.  The only requirement, really, is that you’re not dead.  Choosing this option means you go through the motions. You check off your to-do boxes and attempt to expose yourself to as little risk or pain as possible.  You do the things you have to do, in a zombie-like fashion, in hopes to get to the end of this day and onto the next as quickly as possible. You’re going through life.  You’re alive; but you’re not really living.

Living – on the other hand – is quite different.  It’s more difficult, as it requires significantly more effort than just being alive does.  Living is being fully present and accountable.  It’s being passionate, vulnerable, ingenious, and honest.  It’s opening yourself up to the wonders of the world, even if it means that you are risking pain.

When you decide to live, you acknowledge that you may get hurt or frightened, or make mistakes.  People may betray your trust, dampen your enthusiasm, or challenge your beliefs.  But it also means that you are are experiencing the wide range of emotions and pains and pleasures that make this life – actually worth living.

Living means that you’re curious and eager to learn. it means that you embrace opportunity and honor relationships, communication, and authenticity.  It means that you are generous with your time and that you take a sincere interest in other people.  It means you put your whole heart into it – simply because you have a desire to live life, not to merely survive it.

…and yes, it is a choice.

A choice we each get to make every single morning.

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